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Welcome Aboard!

We are excited to partner with you to help simplify and enhance your financial life!

At illumine financial we are believers in getting a fast start and ensuring we are able to deliver value to you as soon as possible.

In that interest we have put together a resource guide broken down into the following sections:

  • Documents to gather prior to your welcome aboard meeting
  • Important information about statement delivery, communication best practices, and members of our team
  • Information about your Personal Financial Website made available through the engagement you have with our team
  • And information about resource center

One last thing. You can reference this and other links including the link to your Personal Financial Website and Investment Account logins.


Documents to gather prior to our meeting

The intention of our Welcome Aboard Meeting is to do a deep dive into your personal and/or business financial situation AND to understand the goals that drive you to excellence. 

Please use the list below as a reference of what to gather prior to our Welcome Aboard Meeting. If you do not have the gathered as you arrive, we will take time to do so during the meeting, which may extend our conversation or limit our progress.

Additionally, please come with a list of all relevant advisors (insurance advisor, accountant, attorney, etc.)

Important Information

It's important that you familiarize yourself with the members of our team, and learn what you can expect in communication.

Please reference the document below to learn more.

Information on your financial website

Start with watching this video:

Here is an overview:

Here is information on data security protocols:

How to upload items to your secure vault for file sharing:

And this is how you make connections:

Don't Forget about our Resource Center

Our resource center is a place for you to go to better understand various financial topics you may be wondering about!

Keep an eye out for the Dirty Dozen Tax Scams to Watch Out For.

Teach your children 5 Smart Investing Strategies and The Power of Compound Interest before they try to Keep up with the Joneses.

There are some incredible resources you have at your disposal as a client of illumine financial.

Scroll down to find links to all of the articles, calculators, videos, and workshops we offer. 

Before you do, please help us by sharing the one financial topic is of most interest to you? We are always looking for ideas on the next piece of content to create.

What financial topic is of most interest to you?

Thank you! Oops!